Bentley Jewellery Collection

The outstretched wings of the Bentley logo are renowned around the world. They have inspired the fluid lines found in every Bentley cabin – and this, in turn, became the inspiration for the Bentley Jewellery Collection.

Each piece in this collection features captivating symmetrical shapes that reflect the unfurled wings. Like the considered interior of a Bentley car, they are also made up of two contrasting colours, which draws the eye to their mesmerising lines.

These elegant curves call to mind a Bentley grand tourer sweeping effortlessly along a coastal road, while the beautiful play of light off their platinum, gold and diamond surfaces evokes the glittering ocean beyond.

The alluring designs of the Bentley Jewellery Collection are perfect for any occasion – day or night. Each piece is stunning on its own, but when several are worn together, their shapes combine in enchanting new ways to create a particularly magical effect.


The Wings Collection - Rings



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